dork_tower_adJohn Kovalic, creator of Dork Tower

“… imagery and descriptions are expert to the point of, yes, making me quail!”Edward Lee

“The Barrow-Maid” (2007) and “The Sun-Snake” (2013) — YBF&H Honorable Mentions from Ellen Datlow

“The Viking in Yellow” — Best Short Story, 2014 Occult Detective Awards

“Little Johnny Jump-Up” (2014) and “The Viking in Yellow” (2014) — Best Horror Vol. 7 Rec List from Ellen Datlow

“Monsters” in Path of the Bold, 2005 Origins Award Winner

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hisblood_coverHIS BLOOD

A non-sparkly vampire novel of biblical terror, mad science, ancient conspiracies and threatened innocence. Available now from Belfire Press!