Coming Soon:

Around Eldritch Corners — oddball, offbeat, and occasionally irreverent takes on the Lovecraftian/Chambersian mythos


Damned Lazy — (2023) from the case files of Matt Brimstone, P.I., a bit of Mephistopolis-noir

Almost Normal Horror — (2022) somewhat less-extreme but still spooky and unsettling, spanning two decades

Warlock Infernal (2022) picking up six minutes after the events of Lakehouse Infernal, the diabolical adventures continue!

Rip Your Heart Out (2022) inspired by the beautifully bloody gods, folklore, and mythology of ancient Mesoamerica

HorrorSmut (2022) some really gross and/or filthy stuff including minotaur porn, angels and demons, and nasty Vikings 

Dreadful Fancies (2022) a collection of steampunkish stories, from the gritty gaslit city to formal country estates and beyond

Birthright — (2021) a widowed single mom takes her kids to meet their estranged grandfather, a medieval living-history enthusiast with ties to an ancient, ominous legacy

Trench Mouth— (2021) aquatic horror deep-sea chompy-chompy with mad science, human experimentation, and lots of bioluminescence

The Wolf’s Feast— (2021) a second collection of Viking tales, companion volume to The Raven’s Table

The Raven’s Table — (2021) redesigned with gorgeous new cover to match its new companion volume!

The Night Silver River Run Red — (2020) splatter western with carnies, cultists, outlaws, and townsfolk, also available in hardcover from Thunderstorm Books and as an audiobook!

Visceral — (2020) with Patrick C. Harrison III, a two-author collection of body horror stories

Dawn of the Living-Impaired and Other Messed-Up Zombie stories — (2019) zombies, obvies!

Lakehouse Infernal — (2019) The Splatterpunk Award Winning sanctioned sequel to Edward Lee’s Lucifer’s Lottery, also available in hardcover from Thunderstorm Books

White Death — (2018) pioneers vs. blizzard, and snow monsters, also available in audiobook

Caged — (2018) on Smashwords, psychic advisor on the trail of a supposedly dead man

Spermjackers From Hell — (2017) Let’s summon a succubus, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

The Raven’s Table — (2017) blood and battle, swords and silver, victory or Valhalla!

Mythic Lust: The Minotaur — (2016) out of print, writing as Sable Drake, minotaur smut

The Ravishing of Constance — on Smashwords (2016), writing as Sable Drake, pirate smut

Murder Girls — (2015) out of print, college co-eds decide to become serial killers

Scoot — (2012) a purse snatcher and an assassin cross paths

The Widow’s Walk — (2012) out of print, young couple, tragic death, house with a history

The Horned Ones: Cornucopia — a show cave full of hapless tourists, a disaster, and monsters

His Blood — two thousand years of lies, non-sparkly vampires, biblical horror

Tell No Talesreality show meets haunted pirate island

Changeling Moon — warring shapeshifters on the prowl

Gifted Childrenmad science, psychic powers, and creepy kids

Black Roses when the man of your dreams is an incubus 

The Silver Doorway fantasy series for younger readers: A Gnome Away From Home, Dwarves in the Dark, An Elf’s Adventure, Dragon on the Loose, Orcs Ahoy, The Alchemist’s Girl — out of print

The ElfLore fantasy trilogy: Silversilk, Knight of the Basilisk, Truegold

The MageLore fantasy trilogy: Curse of the Shadow Beasts, Dark of the Elvenwood, Archmage of the Universe

Ellis: A Kingdom in Turmoil (2012) with Tim Morgan — RPG system/setting

Naughty and Dice: An Adult Gamer’s Guide to Sexual Situations (2003) with Tim Morgan — RPG supplement

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