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Like, Omigod, Totally

Girls crowded into the AquaNet haze, primping between classes. Hair teased and frizzed, moussed and sprayed, held with neon headbands or floppy bow-knotted net scarves. Also neon, because, omigod, neon pink, neon green, neon orange! Lips sheened shiny and glossy, smoochy-smooch, kissy-kiss. Enormous dangling earrings – tri-tone, silvery and coppery and gold, totally bitchin! Dramatic eye make-up! Press-on nails!

I’ll Be Home For Bloodnight

“The Bloodnight is soon. You must come. You must come home. This once, Erzebet. You must.”

During the holiday season, a successful big-city career woman returns to her humble roots and faces a choice between the rich prettyboy and the hometown hunk. Also, she’s a vampire. 

By BreadAlone

“If this goes all Wicker Man on us,” Dale said, frowning through the windshield, “I’m blaming you.”

A family road trip in search of an errant relative leads to a surprising small town where things may not be quite what they seem.

Masque of the Rue Paule

To and fro in the seven chambers there stalked Rue Paule, taking in the arabesque figures with unsuited limbs and appointments, the delirious fancies and madman fashions, a multitude of dreams.

Yes, it’s a Poe / Drag Race mashup. No, I’m not sorry. Originally appeared in Icarus Magazine.

Available for free on Smashwords:

Nine Jaguar-Feather /  A Hurt Too Deep   / Megan’s Wish  / The Eye of Mammut  /  For The Best  /  Endless Miles 

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