The Trinity Bay Trilogy

Tales of terror set in the scenic town of Trinity Bay, California.


Black Roses

A woman trying to put her life back together returns to her childhood home and meets the man of her dreams … literally … an incubus with the ability to infiltrate and feed upon the sleeping mind’s darkest, forbidden desires.


Cover by Brian Vigue

Published by Sabledrake Enterprises, 2003

Trade paperback, 300 pages



Gifted Children

A grand house converted to a care facility serves to mask the schemes of a scientist hoping to unlock the full potential of damaged psyches, but as more test subjects are added, the experiment slides out of control.


Cover by Christi Smith Hayden

Published by Sabledrake Enterprises, 2004

Trade paperback, 372 pages



Changeling Moon

A secret race of shapeshifters have lived among us for centuries, their abilities giving rise to our oldest legends. Some are sworn to protect, others have vowed to destroy, and now their conflict has come to Trinity Bay.


Cover by Tim P. Morgan

Published by Sabledrake Enterprises, 2005

Trade paperback, 284 pages



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