Horror Novels and Collections



Available now from Death’s Head Press!

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“What ever ratio in which you enjoy mixing dark humor, kinky sex, and splattered gore, Christine Morgan has you covered (in several sorts of fluid). She is equal parts meticulous and passionate, and her writing is always a delight.” — Stoker Award Winner Kim Paffenroth, author of Gospel of the Living Dead and the Dying to Live trilogy.

“… a goddamn triumph. Her love of everything reanimated and sticky leaps up off the page and (if you’re not careful) will throttle you … a travelogue of every place you never thought a zombie story could be set.” — Stephen Kozeniewski, Splatterpunk Award nominated author of The Hematophages. 


“Lakehouse Infernal is the coolest, ball-bustingest, most outrageous, and most ENTERTAINING horror novel you’re likely to find in a long time.” – Edward Lee author of CITY INFERNAL

At the end of Edward Lee’s Lucifer’s Lottery, the contents of a humble Florida lake were swapped out with six billion gallons of demon-and-damned-infested bloodwater filth from Hell. Now, with Lee’s permission and blessing, see what happened to the lake and the locals after, and see what happens when spring breakers, holy rollers, and the military get involved!

Available today from Deadite Press! With introduction by Edward Lee, who also requested to have a cameo. Fans of his works may notice some other familiar references and names.

Order yours now! 


Historical horror as the January blizzard of 1888 brings something more than freezing wind and ice down upon the hardy pioneer settlers of Far Enough

Available now on Amazon and in audiobook!


Let’s summon a succubus, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Christine Morgan’s Deadite Press debut, in this gooshy NSFW tale.

Available now on Amazon!


A collection of short stories and sagas of Viking-themed horror and dark fantasy, blood and battle, swords and silver, victory and Valhalla!

Available now on Amazon!

blackroses_cover giftedchildren_coverchangelingmoon_cover

The Trinity Bay Trilogy:

Black Roses when the man of your dreams is an incubus

Gifted Childrenmad science, psychic powers, and creepy kids

Changeling Moon — warring shapeshifters on the prowl


Tell No Tales — reality show meets haunted pirate island!


The Horned Ones: Cornucopia — a show cave full of hapless tourists, a disaster, and monsters!


His Blood — two thousand years of lies, non-sparkly vampires, biblical horror

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