Welcome to my world of words. I love words. I love language. It’s my Play-Doh; a complete sensory experience, something that can be used to make anything imaginable, limited only by creativity and skill.

And, like one’s words, Play-Doh doesn’t taste so great when one has to eat it … but, I digress. Other and better wordsmiths than myself have expressed it better, genius talents such as the inestimable Stephen Fry.

Language can do great things. The also-inestimable Stephen King says it’s telepathy, and he’s right. Time-traveling, distance-spanning telepathy, no less. It can devastate and inspire, it can express, it is the music of the mind much as music itself is the language of the soul.

Fancy stuff here from a dumpy ol’ gal who mostly writes smut and gore, huh? But, there you have it. That’s me. I love my words, reading them, writing them, playing with them, creating with them. Wordplay, puns, cleverness, all that obnoxious smartassery … yes please.

As for what I do, well, a little bit of damn near everything. I’ve dabbled in several genres. I relish the challenge of themed anthologies, pastiches, mash-ups, and wacky crossovers. I have a lifelong love of mythology, folklore, history and ancient cultures; my stories stretch as far back as caveman days, and I expect I’ll get to dinosaurs eventually.

So, you’ll find Vikings here, and Lovecraftian stories, and superheroes, and zombies, and steampunk. The Trojan War, the Civil War, the First and the Second World Wars have provided me story ideas. I’ve planned family vacations to double as research trips, from Central America to Norway.

In real life, I may be a sedentary wimp who prizes comfort above all else. But, come along and see what my muse gets up to when I let her have her way.

– Christine Morgan, Seattle WA
December, 2014

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