Teeming Terrors

In 2014, Christine pitched her idea for a themed anthology of nature-run-amok horror stories, seeking to focus not on giant or super critters but on just plain lots and lots of them. The result? Teeming Terrors!

Now available on Amazon!








“An Exercise in White” — Lee Pletzers
“The Barking” — E.S. Wynn
“Human Fish-Swarm of Olms” — Jim Goforth
“A Thousand Little Deaths” — Randy Carroll-Bradd
“La Juno Pier” — Becca Morgan
“Hive Mind” — Phil Sloman
“Love in the Time of Geckos” — J. Mehentee
“Dyeing Inside” — Ken Shinn
“Blades” — Kerry G.S. Lipp
“Infection” — E.A. Black
“Attack of the GRONKlings!” — Doug Blakeslee
“The Day of the Deerflies” — Stanley Webb
“Feathered Frenzy” — Nick Walters

Cover by Stephen Cooney

Published by KnightWatch Press, March 2015

Trade paperback, 165 pages

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