Title: Synchronicity

Author: Michaelbrent Collings


Prolific powerhouse MbC is at it again, this time with a fast-paced action-packed blockbuster blending elements of gritty thriller, urban paranormal, and cyberpunk.

The story centers around a rootless young grifter called Book, who gets by on his wits, street-smarts, illicit skills, and what might, to the casual observer, appear to be uncanny good luck. Despite all that, or maybe because of it, Book frequently lands in hot water with dangerous people.

Such as the guy he owes a whole bunch of money, the guy who, accompanied by his goons, is pursuing Book through the subway intending to teach him a painful lesson. Thanks to his not-so-normal-after-all gifts, he eludes them, but not without getting the attention of other, even more dangerous, people.

People with uncanny abilities of their own, and access to a way to enhance those abilities to a level that’s downright superhuman. Not only are they stronger and faster, with incredible healing abilities and individual talents, they can jump into another person’s mind to access their knowledge and skills, or seize physical control of someone else’s body.

Once they become aware of Book, they recognize his potential. But they aren’t all on the same side. In fact, they are deadly adversaries. Book, who wants nothing to do with any of this, finds himself caught in the middle of a war and a world he doesn’t understand, but he’s got to learn a lot in a hurry if he hopes to survive.

Tight and well-written, as always, with great characters (including one real monster of a villain), plenty of banter and dialogue, spectacular fight scenes, touching moments of pathos and humanity, enough tech to be plausible without being confusing … my only complaint was an abruptness to the ending that left me wanting at least a little more.

Another winner. Someone give this guy a Netflix series already!