Autumn Book Blowout!

Hey! Need books? I still got books! Books books books! I can sign ’em and stuff! Contact me! Make me an offer! Will bundle! Free US shipping! Bonus grab bag books thrown in! Let’s deal! Great gifts; holidays are coming! Tell your friends! Please oh please I am so very broke and need the shelf space! Books books books!


Naughty and Dice (rpg supplement) $15
The Horned Ones (cave monsters) $10
His Blood (non-sparkly vampires) $10
Silver Doorway series (fantasy for younger readers) $20 for the set
Trinity Bay horror — Black Roses (incubus), Gifted Children (creepy kids), Changeling Moon (shapeshifters) $8 each
Fossil Lake anthologies (all sorts of wacky weirdness) $8 each or $25 for the set

Edited to add: MURDER GIRLS (college housemates become serial killers), last three copies, out of print, $15, snag one while they last! ONLY ONE COPY LEFT! Sold out!

In fact, I’ll sweeten the deal with a special treat … the first ten orders over 20 bucks, I’ll throw in a FREE DOWNLOAD CODE for the awesome AUDIOBOOK version of my pioneer blizzard snow monster horror novel, WHITE DEATH, narrated by Matt Godfrey!


Email me at … limited quantities remaining!