At the end of 2015, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for having done 79 reviews over the course of the year. So I decided to try and better that record in 2016. Then, when it looked like I was going to, I decided to might-as-well shoot for 100.

And then, as things do, it ran away with me a little.

Here’s what I reviewed in 2016. This list does not include projects I beta-read or proofed, reading/editing anthology subs, and the couple dozen books I read for research or re-read for personal pleasure along the way.

All that and I wrote some stuff too. That’s a lot of words.

Amazing Punk Stories
Author: David Agranoff

Cut Corners I and II
Publisher: Sinister Grin

The Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show
Author: David C. Hayes

A Town Called Suckhole
Author: David Barbee

I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter
Author: Carlton Mellick III

The Greatest Fucking Moment In Sports
Author: Kevin L. Donihe

The Traveling Dildo Salesman
Author: Kevin L. Donihe

All Souls Day
Author: Martin Berman-Gorvine

Skullcrack City
Author: Jeremy Robert Johnson

Ghost in the Cogs
Editors: Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski

Author: Ryan Harding and Jason Taverner

Author: David W. Barbee

I Will Rot Without You
Author: Danger Slater

Paper Tigers
Author: Damien Angelica Walters

A Coin for Charon
Author: Dallas Mullican

Monsters Don’t Cry
Author: Shane McKenzie

Tribes of Decay
Author: Michael W. Garza

None So Deaf
Author: Pete Mesling

Live-Action Hentai
Author: Kerry Lipp

Undead Fleshcrave
Author: Jim Goforth

Texas Chainsaw Mantis
Author: Kevin Strange

Rock ‘n’ Roll Head Case
Author: Lee Widener

Tomorrow’s Cthulhu
Editors: Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski

Author: Adam Cesare

The House That Death Built
Author: Michaelbrent Collings

The Complex
Author: Brian Keene

Mister White
Author: John C. Foster

Sacrificing Virgins
Author: John Everson

Every Time We Meet At The Dairy Queen Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes
Author: Carlton Mellick III

The Specimen
Author: Pete Kahle

Wind Chill
Author: Patrick Rutigliano

The Death House
Author: Sarah Pinborough

Black Creek
Author: Gregory Lamberson

We Are Wormwood
Author: Autumn Christian

Blurring the Line
Editor: Marty Young

Alien Smut Peddlers from the Future
Author: Kent Hill

Header 3
Author: Ryan Harding and Edward Lee

Things Slip Through
Author: Kevin Lucia

Dreams of Ivory and Gold
Author: Kirk Dougal

Author: Karl Fischer

Bone Meal Broth
Author: Adam Cesare

Author: Kevin Strange

Wasteland Gods
Author: Jonathan Woodrow

Governor of the Homeless
Author: G. Arthur Brown

The Sanguinarian Id
Author: L.M. Labat

Ritualistic Human Sacrifice
Author: C.V. Hunt

Mayan Blue
Authors: Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

Not Safe For Kids
Author: Kevin Shamel

DOA I and II
Publisher: Blood Bound Books

Into the Mist
Author: Lee Murray

When We Were 8
Author: Catt Dahman

Stale Reality
Author: John Urbancik

Eldren: The Book of the Dark
Author: William Meikle

Lost Signals
Editor: Max Booth III and Lori Michelle

Author: M.P. Johnson

Author: Ray Garton

Author: John McIlveen

I Am Providence
Author: Nick Mamatas

Long December
Author: Richard Chizmar

Editor: Rhonda Parrish

The Buddy System
Author: Brian Keene

Every Kingdom Divided
Author: Stephen Kozeniewski

Puppet Skin
Author: Danger Slater

A Brutal Chill in August
Author: Alan M. Clark

Exercise Bike
Author: Carlton Mellick III

Sword Chronicles I and II
Author: Michaelbrent Collings

Eternal Frankenstein
Editor: Ross E. Lockhart

The Terminal
Author: Amber Fallon

Author: Dani Brown

Cotton Candy
Author: Kevin Strange

Morbid Metamorphosis
Editor: Robert Nelson

Prince of Nightmares
Author: John McNee

Author: Paul Feeney

The Nightmare Project
Author: Jo-Anne Russell

Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death
Author: Matthew Vaughn

Through a Mirror Darkly
Author: Kevin Lucia

Rejected for Content 3 and 4
Editor: Jim Goforth

Stuff That
Author: Adam Millard

A Wind of Knives
Author: Ed Kurtz

Author: Peter Rawlik

With Tooth and Claw
Author: Jim Goforth

Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse
Author: Jack Strange

The Forty-Two
Author: Ed Kurtz

Bad Apples 3
Publisher: Corpus Press

Oedipus Aroused
Author: Robert Devereaux

I Miss The World
Author: Violet LeVoit

Pretty Pretty Princess
Author: Shane McKenzie

Chasing Ghosts
Author: Glenn Rolfe

Silent Screams
Editor: Josh Strnad

Halloween Orgy Massacre
Author: Jeff O’Brien

Dinosaur Valley
Author: K.H. Koehler

Ghost Light Road
Author: Adam Light

Angel in the Abyss
Author: Ed Kurtz

Author: Adam Millard

Starr Creek
Author: Nathan Carson

Author: Ed Kurtz

Six Scary Stories
Publisher: Cemetery Dance

Island Red
Author: Matt Serafini

Author: Ed Kurtz

Body Art
Author: Kristopher Triana

Author: Lucas Magnum

Lake Lurkers
Author: M.P. Johnson

Bacon Fried Bastard
Author: David W. Barbee

Shit Luck
Author: Tiffany Scandal

The Terrible Thing That Happened
Author: Carlton Mellick III

Island of the Super-People
Author: Kevin Shamel

Author: Jack Strange

Tall Tales With Short Cocks Vol. 5
Editor: G. Arthur Brown

The Rib From Which I Remake the World
Author: Ed Kurtz

Nests: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
Author: Barry Napier

Celebrity Culture
Author: Duncan Bradshaw

Author: Ed Erdelac

Bonespin Slipspace
Author: Leo X. Robertson

almost insentient. almost divine
Author: d.p. watt

Death Confetti
Author: Jennifer Robin

Author: Rich Hawkins

Author: Nate Southard

Dark Reaches
Author: Shaun Meeks

Hopeless, One-Way Ticket, Dead and Buried, Devil Inside, Burnt Offerings (book bundle)
Author: William Cook