Holiday Book Blowout Sale!


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$10 horror, trade paperbacks
Black Roses
Gifted Children
Changeling Moon
The Horned Ones
His Blood

$10 fantasy
The MageLore trilogy: Curse of the Shadow Beasts, Dark of the Elvenwood, Archmage of the Universe

$12 gaming
Naughty and Dice: An Adult Gamer’s Guide to Sexual Situations

$20 fantasy
The ElfLore Omnibus (hardcover, includes Silversilk, Knight of the Basilisk, and Truegold)

$20 fantasy
The Silver Doorway complete 6-book set, for younger readers ages 7-12
(A Gnome Away From Home, Dwarves in the Dark, An Elf’s Adventure, Dragon on the Loose, Orcs Ahoy!, The Alchemist’s Girl)

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