Shelf Space Summer Sale — anthologies!

3 books for $25, plus FREE SHIPPING*

I have too many books and you don’t have enough; we should do something about that!

So, I’m running some special sales. First up, a bunch of awesome anthologies in which I have stories. Limited quantities available, while supplies last. I’ll sign ’em … I’ll personalize them … I’ll throw in a free bonus copy of my crappy fantasy novel!

*Free shipping within the U.S. only, sorry; other arrangements possible.

Orders and inquiries to:

Title (number available) — “with my story”

The Book of All Flesh (1) — “Dawn of the Living-Impaired”
The Book of Final Flesh (4) — “Seven Brains, Ten Minutes”
The Best of All Flesh (1) — “Dawn of the Living-Impaired”
The World is Dead (3) — “Cured Meat”
Z: Zombie Stories (1) — “The Barrow-Maid” and “Seven Brains, Ten Minutes”
History is Dead (3) — “The Barrow-Maid”
Bigfoot Terror Tales Vol. 1 (3) — “In the Forests of the Far Land”
Spiders (3) — “The Fate-Spinners”
I’ll Never Go Away Vol. 2 (3) — “Njord’s Daughter”
No Horns on These Helmets (3) — “Blades of Ice and Ivory”
Splatterlands (6) — “The Defiled”
Uncommon Assassins (3) — “Thyf’s Tale”
In the Court of the Yellow King (2) — “The Viking in Yellow”
World War Cthulhu (1) — “The Ithiliad”
A Mythos Grimmly (4) – “The Arkham Town Musicians”
Legacy of the Reanimator (2) – “Thought He Was A Goner”
Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales from Beyond (1) — “Ninesight”
Atomic Age Cthulhu (2) — “Professor Patriot and the Doom that Came to Niceville”
Steampunk Cthulhu (4) — “Unfathomable”
Machina Mortis (2) — “The Garretton Ghoul”
Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion (2) — “Brassworth”
Welcome to Hell (3) — “The Crossing at Bony Ford”
Edge of Sundown (2) – “The Buzzard-Women”
SNAFU (2) — “Little Johnny Jump-Up”
Kneeling in the Silver Light (1) — “The Silk Angel”
A Cat of Nine Tales (3) “Matt Brimstone, P.I.”
Bloodstones (1) “Ferreau’s Curse”
Not Your Average Monster (1) – “Soft-Walker”
Stamps, Vamps and Tramps (4) — “Follow Me”
Witches, Stitches and Bitches (3) — “Urgent Care”
A Sensual Christmas for Lovers (2) — “Suzie’s No-Panties Christmas Surprise”
Path of the Bold (7) — “Monsters”
Cucurbital Vol. 3 (4) — “With Blackest Moss”
Horror Between the Sheets (7) — “The Reaching Wall”