Inventory Blowout Moving SALE!

Inventory Blowout SALE

Moving soon. Need shelf space. And money!
Signed copies, personalized on request!
Combos and deals gladly considered!
Prices do not include shipping!


Numbers in (parentheses) indicate how many copies available
OOP = out of print

Curse of the Shadow Beasts, MageLore I (way too many)

$5.00 each / any 3 for $12
Dark of the Elvenwood, MageLore II (10 at least)
Archmage of the Universe, MageLore III (9 at least)
Silversilk, ElfLore I, Renaissance Alliance edition, OOP (1)
Knight of the Basilisk, ElfLore II; Renaissance Alliance edition, OOP (1)
Truegold, ElfLore III; Renaissance Alliance edition, OOP (3)
Scoot (4)

$8.00 each / any 3 for $20:
Black Roses (5)
Gifted Children (15)
Changeling Moon (15)
Tell No Tales (5)
Path of the Bold (7) story — “Monsters”
The Book of All Flesh (1) story — “Dawn of the Living-Impaired”
The Book of Final Flesh (4) story — “Seven Brains, Ten Minutes”
The Best of All Flesh (1) story — “Dawn of the Living-Impaired”
Cucurbital Vol. 3 (4) story — “With Blackest Moss”
Horror Between the Sheets (7) story — “The Reaching Wall”
Bigfoot Terror Tales Vol. 1 (3) story — “In the Forests of the Far Land”
Spiders (3) story — “The Fate-Spinners”
I’ll Never Go Away Vol. 2 (3) story — “Njord’s Daughter”
Machina Mortis (2) story — “The Garretton Ghoul”
Welcome to Hell (3) story — “The Crossing at Bony Ford”
A Cat of Nine Tales (3) story — “Matt Brimstone, P.I.”
No Horns on These Helmets (3) story — “Blades of Ice and Ivory”

$10.00 each / any 3 for $25:
The Widow’s Walk; Lachesis edition, OOP (1)
The Horned Ones: Cornucopia (12)
His Blood (15)
Naughty and Dice: An Adult Gamer’s Guide to Sexual Situations (21)
Fossil Lake (lots) “Impressions” and edited-by
Fossil Lake II: The Refossiling (3) edited-by
Atomic Age Cthulhu (2) story — “Professor Patriot and the Doom that Came to Niceville”
Steampunk Cthulhu (4) story — “Unfathomable”
World War Cthulhu (1) story — “The Ithiliad”
Z: Zombie Stories (1) story — “The Barrow-Maid” and “Seven Brains, Ten Minutes”
History is Dead (3) story — “The Barrow-Maid”
The World is Dead (3) story — “Cured Meat”
Stamps, Vamps and Tramps (4) story — “Follow Me”
Witches, Stitches and Bitches (3) story — “Urgent Care”
Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion (2) story — “Brassworth”
In the Court of the Yellow King (2) story — “The Viking in Yellow”
Splatterlands (6) story — “The Defiled”
Uncommon Assassins (3) story — “Thyf’s Tale”
SNAFU (2) story — “Little Johnny Jump-Up”
Kneeling in the Silver Light (1) story — “The Silk Angel”
A Sensual Christmas for Lovers (1) — “Suzie’s No-Panties Christmas Surprise”
Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales from Beyond (1) story — “Ninesight”

$30.00 each / any 2 for $50.00:
ElfLore Hardcover, complete revised trilogy in one volume (26)
Silver Doorway series for younger readers, all six books, now OOP (10)


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