Silver Doorway — closing soon!

If our books are like our children … and children grow up … no matter how much you love them, the time may come when you have to show some tough love to the freeloading little imps because they’re just not earning their keep.

So, I’m putting my maternal foot down and announcing that the Silver Doorway series will soon be going out of print.

I may, at some point in the future, do like I did with ElfLore and release them as an omnibus. But, for now, I will be canceling the POD option on all six titles at the end of June. After that, the only way to get them will be from the stock I currently have on hand.

They are the story of 12-year-old twins Katie and Kevin Broderick, and their little brother Sam, who discover a portal to another world in their aunt Ellie’s basement. This world (the same in which the MageLore and ElfLore books are set) is one of elves, dwarves, dragons, monsters and magic.

With gorgeous covers by some of my best art-goddess friends, and fun extras at the back of each book (puzzles, quizzes, what’s-your-gnome-name, etc.), these could be just right for the younger reader or fantasy fan of any age!

(besides, some day when I make it big and famous as a horror writer, they might be worth something …)

Basically, if you want to snag them before they go away, now’s the time!

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