Recent Editing Gigs — Teeming Terrors and The Refossiling

Look! I edited! Two new anthologies of horror, darkness, strangeness and the weird … both with awesome covers by the most excellent Stephen Cooney!

Teeming Terrors from KnightWatch Press
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From the Introduction —

Assembling the lineup for this book turned out to be a lot like the feeling of what I was going for with this book. Maybe the submissions start off slow, but before you know it, you’re surrounded … overwhelmed … in way over your head.

It went a lot like this:

There’s just one, at first, right? No big deal.
Nothing to worry about, really.
Probably more scared of me than I am of it, etc. etc.
But then suddenly there’s another.
Coincidence, I’m sure.
And another. This is how it starts.
Individually, they’re harmless. Even kind of cute.
Oh look, there’s some more. Quite … actually, quite a few.
It’s okay, though. They’re little. I can handle it.
Yeah. I can handle it.
And, see? It’s okay. Hardly seen any for a while.
Except, wait, where did THOSE ones come from?
Getting kind of freaked out now.
Calm down. Chill out. Maybe it’s almost over.
If you can just last a couple more days – WAIT! What was that?
Let me take a quick look – oh my god they’re everywhere!
*dramatic monster-cam chase scene down a hall to a strategic very-last-minute slammed door*

Fossil Lake II: The Refossiling from Sabledrake Enterprises

With Foreword by Brian Keene!







Now available on Amazon and Smashwords!

From the back cover —

Welcome back to Fossil Lake, where the water is dark, and deep, and strange. Where wonderful mysteries and abhorrent monsters dwell together, lurking far beyond the shadowed reach of reality. Where sediment preserves in its layers a perfect record of that which will never be forgotten.

40 stories and poems, and a bonus cartoon, await in this second anthology of the aberrant.

Come for the swimming, the fishing, the view. And stay … forever.