Ruining English

I am fascinated by language, by the change and evolution of it, the flexibility, the adaptation. I get a kick out of things that many others find abhorrent, such as verbing nouns, mashing words together, warps like “staycation” or “mansplain” or “agritainment,” LOLspeak, memes, and even Doge.

Maybe it makes me weird, especially when there are also a few hills upon which I WILL die — misuse of ‘literally’ or ‘decimated,’ for instance.

(and may whatever gods there are save you if you misuse BOTH AT ONCE and are something like the History Channel and trot out a line like “the Black Plague, which killed a third of the population, literally decimated medieval Europe” and AAARGH *stabby stabby*!!!!)

All that said, I found this both apt and amusing: